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So its really more a pond then a lagoon, I think. Ive been battling a bit of a cold these last few days, today being the worst of it so far. I spent all the day inside, and when I was feeling up ‘enough’ to go for a stroll with the camera it started raining and getting dark. Ive been sitting on a bunch of negatives from many years gone by and took the opportunity to start converting them to digital.

Todays image was captured in a small bush walk in Singapore several years ago. What stunned me when scanning it was how green everything is! Coming from New Zealand I’m used to ‘green’, but the combination of the film used and how it was developed really gave this place a lush look that had slipped from my memory. As with some of my Hong Kong images I have posted, this was taken on my old Minolta 7si 35mm slr.