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The One Bee

Ive been reading a little about bees and their rapid decline in recent years. Some blame global warming, others natural viruses and bugs, many also blame the various insecticides we are using on our mass producing crops around the world. I probably lean towards the later after reading a number of books about the various things we are pumping into our supposedly natural food sources.

Blame aside, I don’t think anyone is denying the massively important role the humble bee plays in pollinating many of the foods of our world (not to forget the awesome sweet honey they supply!).

Did you know the smallest bee species is about 2.1mm long(!) and the largest variety jumps to a whopping 39mm in length. Found on every continent in the world excluding Antarctica, these mighty insects have a better sniffer sense than dogs, and early studies show they might even be able to be trained to detect cancer. Pretty awesome.

Im hoping we see some more bees in the garden now summers on its way. Here’s some more facts about bees for those interested. 


Return of the Orb

Orb on LawnIts been some years (I think) since I last shot ‘Orbs’.

Will do some more in the near future and write a bit more about them. Another long day today.


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