Kōhoi – aka Slim Jim 8 String Tahitian style Uke


Kōhoi (Maori for Thin), or Slim Jim design had been floating around in my head for a while. Reflecting back on my Hawkelele project, I wanted to evolve and push the limits in a few areas – most specifically the body thickness. Being Tahitian style Ukes are often 8 string and tuned with the C,E an octave higher in the GCEA tuning, the high pitched ‘singing’ voice can get away with less of a body capacity than traditional ukes. Its not amazingly loud, nor quiet – perhaps just a little less than your usual thick body designs.

Built I am pretty sure with upcycled Rimu (or very old aged mahogany – but I am pretty sure rimu) for the body and neck, unidentified soundboard and a merbau fretboard and bridge – all finished in danish oil. Bone nut and saddle, and in traditional Tahitian uke tradition, 25lb strings.

_DSC8977 _DSC8979 _DSC8980 _DSC8981 _DSC8982 _DSC8984

Here is a basic PDF plan if you wish to build your own. (print at 100%)
Be nice and give me credit – and show me your results!


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