Mike Hawkey is a keen amateur photographer and social observant.

“When looking through my cameras I am interested in the shape, color, flow and general feeling that still image makes. Sometimes a shot is to take the viewer to that moment as you experienced it, and sometimes it is to take them to their own moment within the image. Its all very subjective, and I think I’m in constant development of my own style and what it is I am trying to achieve.”

“As well as capturing images, I’m very interested in observing society and our various cultures. How they blend, merge and adapt to our ever changing environments and technologies.”

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  1. Hello Mike, loving your photos. For the digital stuff are you shooting them RAW before you “post-process”?

    I’m shooting JPegs until I get familiar with my camera but the RAW workflow is something I want to learn as I retouched photos for a decade in a previous life – just need the software to do it and the time…

    1. Thanks! I do a bit of a mix in general, depending on the situation. With my current Linux setup I use 95% of the time, the workflow for RAW is not as fluid, so I often go the easier JPeg route. Ultimately RAW is the way to go for ultimate control, but in my opinion there is nothing that bad with JPeg (many may disagree with that), and with your new camera you would have no issues editing a JPeg and printing quite large!

    1. My pleasure, I like your work! Have used a linux/OSX mix for some time now. Dont have any complaints with linux, its come such a long way and is so user friendly (depending on the system of choice) now days.

  2. Hey there Mike, I really like your blog and all of the great photos that you have on here keep up the great job and thanks for providing the great content.

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    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Mike – I enjoyed looking at some of your photos. Glad to see someone else using a Sony Nex (I have a Nex F3). I am new at blogging and have some stuff you might like. Stop by anytime at atrivialmindatwork.com.

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