Michaels Mackie Strum Sticks


Over Christmas I decided to build something almost completely based on plans. Generally when I make things I get influence from things I see or read about and then go my own way. This time I chose to follow the Andy Mackie way.

I almost kept to the plans…but deviated with the frets – two of the units being the proper dulcimer tuning, the other two the same as three string guitars.

2 built from Mahogany, two from Kwila/Merbau. For such a small sound body, they produce pretty good sound.

Learning point – if you build one (or more) build a proper fitting template as 2 of my 4 ended up with a crooked body due to just stretching and glueing on the base piece. Plays fine, but is pretty off centre when you align the strings!

I think I’ll design and build a three string electric guitar some time when other projects finish up.

SS2 SS3 SS4 SS5 SS6 SS7 SS8 SS9 SS95



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