Chugger No2 – ‘The Preacher’ [edit – also a 3 string convert]


After converting the Pāki Tikā Chugger from a two string to a three string, whilst waiting for glue and finish to dry, I grabbed an old mahogany drawer side and knocked together another quick box to recycle the neck on.

That night as the glue dried on the frame, I had a look around at some cigar box guitars and liked some cross designs I saw, and so from there came ‘The Preacher’. To add some detail to the back, I added a sugar skull design. The next day, the last bits were all glued on, roughly smoothed and some old varnish thrown on. All finished!

It was always intended to be a quick rough concept muck around and turned out perfect for cause._DSC9050 _DSC9051 _DSC9053 _DSC9055 _DSC9056


So, with less then a month gone by, I thought I’d squeeze a third string in. Its tight, but not as tight as I thought it would be! As well as adding a string, I also fretted it up. Scale length had to be sacrificed by an inch or so to allow for the third tuner, but the result was still pretty nice sounding.

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6

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