Anzac1Another 3 string tin box guitar. This one, ‘The ANZAC’ I have slowly put together as a local e-auction where hopefully the majority of the proceeds are given to charity (My reserve price covers my material and auction fees).

Its been 100 years since the ANZAC’s fought and lost their lives on the other side of the world.  This instrument is a bit of a remembrance tribute for someone to own, rather than just the poppies we donate to each year.

Fingers crossed it does well at auction and proceeds to charity help someone out.

Anzac2 Anzac3 Anzac4 Anzac5 Anzac6 Anzac7 Anzac8 Anzac9 Anzac10 Anzac11 Anzac12 Anzac13 Anzac14 Anzac15 Anzac16 Anzac17

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