The ‘Taniwha’ SGV Bamboo Electric Ukulele

Im a little late in sharing this project. Technically I started its design in Mid 2015. Building began soon after, but kept going on the backburner as other things came up. I finally finished them earlier this year.

I wanted to try a Build from Bamboo laminate. Bamboo’s one of the great options for future ‘wood’ based things as it grows so fast (is a renewable resource). I don’t really have any information on all the resin’s etc used in making the laminate, but that part aside, its a great eco choice over hard woods that take many decades to grow.

One down side is its REALLY hard on tooling. My new bandsaw blade dulled during the course of building these and sanding and filing takes forever! I guess no worse than real hardwoods – but I generally wouldn’t build entire instruments from hardwood. _DSC0006

Deisgn is a combination of two and a bit well known guitar shapes – the Gibson Flying V, the Gibson SG and headstock of the Fender family. I found out after many nights drawing up the plan that there are several guitars on the market that have almost done the identical (well, not as Uke’s or of Bamboo though…)

Some more images:

_DSC0014 _DSC0013 _DSC0012 _DSC0011 _DSC0010 _DSC0008 _DSC0007 _DSC0005

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