‘Frank the Ukulele’

FrankSo at the beginning of 2014 one of the guys at work discussed starting up a bit of a work Ukulele group for people wanting to learn. It sounded like a bit of a challenge, so I purchased a cheap Uke and started learning.

Within about 2 weeks the building bug hit me, and I thought I would give building a uke a go. The above image of ‘Frank’ is with neck version 3.0 – its at that point that would make it a large Soprano or Short Concert scale length.

When initially built, it was a Soprano with a poorly spaced (string wise) neck. 2.0 corrected that, slimming down the neck and spacing. 3.0 was just another step along with an addition of some Rimu winged headstock.

Some earlier images:

frank1 frank2

frank 3


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