Sony EVF – OLED Viewfinder ‘Mod’


A while back I decided to do a ‘mod'(I use that term lightly) to my OLED EVF on the Nex. The rest of the camera, and many of the lenses I use are black in colour, and the silver, although perfectly fine and functional, just seemed to stand out to me. For an accessory, its a pricy little piece really, but I much prefer using a VF of some form to the live view screen on the back of cameras.

Practically, it was a fairly straightforward job. Take off, take apart, spray and put back together. My first top coat (pictured below) caught some dust. I smoothed it down and applied another. From any distance other than up at my eye its a good enough finish, and in my opinion, much nicer on the all black camera!


Coldest May in 40 Years


Today marked the coldest May Auckland has had in 40 years (the morning anyway). Frozen windscreens,lawns and the like. Nothing in comparison to many other places… But cold for Auckland!

Alongside the Waikato


Work necessitated my travel south from Auckland to Hamilton City today. With a bit of a sore back, I took a few mini stops in the ~150km journey. What has since turned into a wet and forecast windy evening, was a beautiful golden morning.

I was shooting with a borrowed, semi broken Samsung NX10. The main LCD has cracked and does not function, but the ovf still works. Linked with my old Ricoh 50mm lens, it looks like a really nice kit – I only wish the ovf was a little larger, or offered some form of manual lens assistance like my Nex does. Still, some ok images from an otherwise potentially binned mirrorless camera.

waikator1 waikator2

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