‘Make’ Projects

Outside taking photos…oh and working a usual job, I often have a project or 4 on the go. I thought I’d share a few here.

Frank the Ukulele

The Gingerbread Uke

The Cigar Box Brothers



Tuna Hiko

Michaels Mackie Strum Sticks

Lil’ Fulla Micro Strat Uke

Tarakona ‘Dragon’ Uke Stick

The Violuke

Pāki Tikā Chugger

Kōhoi – aka Slim Jim 8 String Tahitian style Uke

Chugger No2 – ‘The Preacher’

Tin Box Roadster


The ‘Taniwha’ Flying SGV Bamboo Electric Ukulele

Esquire Electric Ukulele


The Mini Bass with No Name

Three String Mini Telecaster

The Travel Ukulele

The Little Wooden Car

The Box Ukulele

Check back some time – More projects on the workbench!

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