What Would You Do

Passed this thought provoking sign when cycling home from work today. It’s one of those great thought provokers that essentially asks where you want to be and why not be doing it now. The fact it was a chalk board makes it one of the best signs I’ve seen in a long time…that said, no idea if it was marketing something!…

Awake from a Crash

afterfocus_1426299954692Sitting outside the house with friends, this poor little guy hit the window at speed and dropped to the ground. Knocked out for a minute or two, he slowly came to,moving his head, wings, up to a staggering standing position – no doubt a little scared of the predicament he had woken up to -and then flew off into a nearby tree to shake off the rest of the event.


Sky Before the Storm



Thoughts going out to Vanuatu after the destruction of Cyclone Pam. On its way this evening to New Zealand, the edge seen in the sky this morning before the cloud covered as far as one can see.

Auckland Round The Bay’s 2015

Time again for Aucklands annual Round the Bay’s fun run/race, our biggest annual run the country holds. A nice calm morning made for a scenic walk to the start (and warm weather for the run)

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