Save Days by the Railway

Save days


Just an old advertisement poster I spotted in a store.  Several years old going by the steam engine (1930’s potentially)

Work commencing 1912, and completed in 1917, the Trans- Australian Railway spans 1692km (1051 miles)

ANZAC 2015 One Hundred Years

AZ15 1Today marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s time in Gallipoli. Up to 20,000 NZers rose early for the 6am service of remembrance. Regardless of ones thoughts on war, the service reminds us of those who fought for their country and lost their lives, or were injured in doing so. Such remembrance can apply to every country in the world – death does not take sides.

Back when the ANZAC’s landed in Gallipoli, New Zealand was a young country. With a population of about 1 million total, 100,000 set off to aid the war. 10% of the country! (an even greater percentage of the Male share!). Back then, there was an almost guaranteed chance you were related to, or at the least knew someone heading to war.

18,000 New Zealanders died in WW1, 41,000 more were wounded. The Gallipoli battle saw 44,000 allied soldiers fall, 2779 being Kiwis. The Ottoman defenders lost a massive 87,000.

AZ15 2Something nice to come out of the 100 year anniversary was a giant poppy made onto the local sports field. Each round disc represented a fallen soldier and had a customised message on it .

AZ15 4 AZ15 5 AZ15 6For those into Minecraft, the War Memorial Museum displayed the Minecraft Gallipoli one can visit. Its a different way to raise some awareness!

Galop 1I attend the dawn service every year. It seems as the years move along, more and more people attend to [usually] show their respects. Likely todays was the peak audience which stretched out of sight (glad I awoke extra early to get there!)

AZ15 3 AZ15 7 AZ15 8 AZ15 9I’ll close with a link to Mark Knopfler’s guitar tribute rendition of ‘The Last Post’. A moving modern electric take on the bugle song or remembrance.



Lest We Forget




They Tell Me its Progress

Progress they say

Been a while since I have posted anything regular here. As it often does, life keeps us busy and things fall to the side. For me the busyness has been a bit of a break from photography in general. Neither a good or bad thing, just a thing. Todays shot was taken during a ’round a lake’ walk a month or so ago. Walking past a new zone of expansion as urban sprawl continues, the land was being carved into the suburbs of tomorrow.

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV, converted to B&W with HDR effects added.

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