Up and Down

Not much time for written content today sorry. ‘Up and Down’, shot at the Auckland Airport on the Ricoh GRD IV. Using Gimp I converted to B&W, adjusted contrast and sharpness and resized to post. I have finally finished my film in the Pentax with the music festival on Monday – just need to find […]

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The Long Walk

Being a fan of sci-fi of all sorts, I recently caught the latest Judge Dredd movie, and re-watched the earlier Stallone version. As a teen, I remember reading episodes of Judge Dredd in 2000AD comic. On one such storyline, and in the Stallone movie, the Judge takes ‘The Long Walk’ out into the wild lands, […]

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Construct Zone

I am generally one of those people who get a sense of relaxation and re-energizing from nature. Walking through the forest or bush, or along the beach the air feels cleaner, we have less (not none) forms of modern technology buzzing around us. Its a unloaded simpler feeling. However, I also enjoy exploring ‘things in […]

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Bat For Lashes

A quick post for today as I return from the Laneway music festival. Bat  For Lashes put on a great show, concluding my day in the sun. Shot on the galaxy s2 and edited in afterfocus.

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Rolled Hay

With another great day for the long weekend, I went for a stroll both in a small bush park I had not been to before, and to explore a recently developed area behind Long Bay Reserve. I am assuming, in some form of preparation for the land, Hay had been rolled out in the soon […]

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Monarch in the Sun

I think if people were ever inspired by the children’s book ‘The Ugly Duckling’, than the story of the Monarch butterfly must be awe inspiring! Here is a creature that starts life as a little caterpillar, eats and eats and eats until it is about to burst, makes a little sleeping bag to sleep in […]

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Immature chilis

With another week passing, here is another garden shot. According to the label when I purchased the saplings, I am in the process of growing red chilli’s (or chili depending on your areas spelling). Covered by my tomato plant (I tend to pack as many saplings into a small area as I can, then wonder […]

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Down the Hill to the Village

Its been one of those weeks where things fly by, but on auto pilot. I have not had much time to just take a step back and relax. Heading home today I took a stroll up Mt Victoria in Devonport (actually this id where I am writing todays post). The hot summer weather has taken […]

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The Old Wind Vane

A quick snap from a birthday BBQ this evening. Seen better days, this wooden bi-plane vane sits in the garden, slowly falling to pieces. Still has its trusty pilot by the looks! Shot on the Samsung Galaxy and slightly edited in Gimp.

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A quick shot from the archives today, ‘Underleaf’ Being in a country full of green lush bushes and forests, a quick walk into this wilderness is always great after a hard day at work. Listening to the song of the native birds and breathing in the fresh breath of nature. I have been a bit […]

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