Up and Down

Up and Down

Not much time for written content today sorry. ‘Up and Down’, shot at the Auckland Airport on the Ricoh GRD IV. Using Gimp I converted to B&W, adjusted contrast and sharpness and resized to post.

I have finally finished my film in the Pentax with the music festival on Monday – just need to find the time to develop it now!

The Long Walk

The Long Walk

Being a fan of sci-fi of all sorts, I recently caught the latest Judge Dredd movie, and re-watched the earlier Stallone version. As a teen, I remember reading episodes of Judge Dredd in 2000AD comic. On one such storyline, and in the Stallone movie, the Judge takes ‘The Long Walk’ out into the wild lands, bringing the law to the lawless. It is portrayed as a hostile environment, and one they are not expected to return from.

Using that as a concept today, I imagined stepping out into the sun swept wild lands, the sun being too harsh to allow the eyes to see into the distance, a land of nothingness.

Shooting with my Ricoh, I captured the image in cross processed and then converted to B&W in Gimp. removing the land in the horizon and pushing the contrast, I then gave it a colour tint.

Construct Zone

Construct zone

I am generally one of those people who get a sense of relaxation and re-energizing from nature. Walking through the forest or bush, or along the beach the air feels cleaner, we have less (not none) forms of modern technology buzzing around us. Its a unloaded simpler feeling.

However, I also enjoy exploring ‘things in change’ – areas under construction (as well as areas returning to nature). Sundays walk took me to a new development area in Long Bay – the northern point of the North Shore. Here open fields and scrub has made way for carefully planned and measured sections for residential use. There is one road in/out with a monolith of a structure announcing you have entered this likely prestigious area. Today’s image was taken at the edge of this boundary, just before entering the area. For me, the title Construct Zone both signifies an area in change, literally being constructed, but also the mental symbolics of construct being the putting together of planning and theory to create a new suburb and the people within it.

Shot on the Sony Nex with the Sigma 30mm lens, I only slightly adjusted the levels before resizing to publish.

I’m also working my way through the 35mm film I took to the music festival yesterday. I initially thought I had a 24/27 shot film, but it must be a 36, so not too much longer until I can develop!

Bat For Lashes


A quick post for today as I return from the Laneway music festival. Bat  For Lashes put on a great show, concluding my day in the sun.

Shot on the galaxy s2 and edited in afterfocus.

Rolled Hay

the Hay

With another great day for the long weekend, I went for a stroll both in a small bush park I had not been to before, and to explore a recently developed area behind Long Bay Reserve. I am assuming, in some form of preparation for the land, Hay had been rolled out in the soon to be housing developments.

Not having much real life experience on farms and the like, I love the look of giant hay rolls, or stacks of bails as tall as a barn. There is something appealing about the simple raw product that has been gathered straight from the ground.

The rolls in today’s  image were quite some way past a tall fenced off area, so I had to zoom right in with my 55-210mm lens to capture them as viewed above.

In post processing, using Gimp, I added a ‘lomo’ filter and adjusted the contrast a little.

Off to the music event Laneway tomorrow. All going to plan, I will be taking my Pentax MG to get some B&W 35mm shots, and likely my mobile, so we will see if I have some shots from there tomorrow, or later in the week. I did get some more shots today from my bush walk, so will look to share them on a day I don’t have much.

Monarch in the Sun

in the garden

I think if people were ever inspired by the children’s book ‘The Ugly Duckling’, than the story of the Monarch butterfly must be awe inspiring! Here is a creature that starts life as a little caterpillar, eats and eats and eats until it is about to burst, makes a little sleeping bag to sleep in and then one day emerges with beautiful coloured wings and dances off into the sky!

Today’s image, from our back yard, features one such monarch that floated in to sample the local flowers. There was a bit of a breeze out, so watching it come in was a little like planes landing in Wellington on a windy day!

As with many creatures in nature, their colour serves to warn off would-be predators like birds, for whom they are poisonous. Surprisingly, reading a little more about them, the monarch butterfly is classed in the near- threatened grouping on a conservation level. We seem to get a good number of them around Auckland at least!

Shot on the Sony with 210mm lens (315mm 35mm equivalent) , I bumped up the contrast and sharpness to compensate for the fairly flat image that came out the camera.

Wind aside its been a great start to the long weekend, so I will get back to it!

Immature chilis

Green Chili

With another week passing, here is another garden shot. According to the label when I purchased the saplings, I am in the process of growing red chilli’s (or chili depending on your areas spelling). Covered by my tomato plant (I tend to pack as many saplings into a small area as I can, then wonder how they will have room to grow later), I was not sure if they were going to take, but in the last 3-4 weeks the plants have shot up and started to amass a number of hopefully soon to be red chilli.

Shot in the Sony Nex with 30mm Sigma lens, I chose the image today for its simple relaxing green feeling.

We have a long weekend here in Auckland, with Monday being Auckland Anniversary Day. Although the weekend it starting to look busy, with a little luck I will try to get out and about and do some shooting.

Down the Hill to the Village


Its been one of those weeks where things fly by, but on auto pilot. I have not had much time to just take a step back and relax.
Heading home today I took a stroll up Mt Victoria in Devonport (actually this id where I am writing todays post). The hot summer weather has taken its toll on the mountain and all the grass has gone a dry yellow. Only the lush trees remain green.
Casting ones vision down the hill we can see the Devonport village. Around 5pm, traffic is building as people head in and out. After the break in the harbour is the eastern side of the CBD- where the ports shipping things in are found.
Image wise, todays shot is taken on the Galaxy using Vignette.

The Old Wind Vane

old windvane

A quick snap from a birthday BBQ this evening. Seen better days, this wooden bi-plane vane sits in the garden, slowly falling to pieces. Still has its trusty pilot by the looks!

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy and slightly edited in Gimp.



A quick shot from the archives today, ‘Underleaf’

Being in a country full of green lush bushes and forests, a quick walk into this wilderness is always great after a hard day at work. Listening to the song of the native birds and breathing in the fresh breath of nature.

I have been a bit busy with bits and pieces today, with tomorrow looking similar again, but hopefully I will find some time to get out and take some shots!

Catch you tomorrow!

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