Rolled Hay

the Hay

With another great day for the long weekend, I went for a stroll both in a small bush park I had not been to before, and to explore a recently developed area behind Long Bay Reserve. I am assuming, in some form of preparation for the land, Hay had been rolled out in the soon to be housing developments.

Not having much real life experience on farms and the like, I love the look of giant hay rolls, or stacks of bails as tall as a barn. There is something appealing about the simple raw product that has been gathered straight from the ground.

The rolls in today’s  image were quite some way past a tall fenced off area, so I had to zoom right in with my 55-210mm lens to capture them as viewed above.

In post processing, using Gimp, I added a ‘lomo’ filter and adjusted the contrast a little.

Off to the music event Laneway tomorrow. All going to plan, I will be taking my Pentax MG to get some B&W 35mm shots, and likely my mobile, so we will see if I have some shots from there tomorrow, or later in the week. I did get some more shots today from my bush walk, so will look to share them on a day I don’t have much.


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