Immature chilis

Green Chili

With another week passing, here is another garden shot. According to the label when I purchased the saplings, I am in the process of growing red chilli’s (or chili depending on your areas spelling). Covered by my tomato plant (I tend to pack as many saplings into a small area as I can, then wonder how they will have room to grow later), I was not sure if they were going to take, but in the last 3-4 weeks the plants have shot up and started to amass a number of hopefully soon to be red chilli.

Shot in the Sony Nex with 30mm Sigma lens, I chose the image today for its simple relaxing green feeling.

We have a long weekend here in Auckland, with Monday being Auckland Anniversary Day. Although the weekend it starting to look busy, with a little luck I will try to get out and about and do some shooting.


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