Stairing up a Kauri

Today was jam packed with car and motorbike repairs. No exactly as enjoyable as heading out to take some shots, but more essential at this point in time. ‘Stairing up a Kauri’ is another shot from Fridays trip. This particular tree in question is ‘The McKinney Kauri’. At an estimated 800 years old, its about 12m to the first low lying branch! Getting the whole tree into a shot meant going quite far back, even with my 28mm Ricoh. When I did this it looked like a well proportioned tree, and not really of the height it is. I like this shot as its both an unusual perspective, but also a common thing to do when you get up close to it. Although an argued point, when this Kauri was a little stick in the ground, New Zealand was just being settled by the Maori. The Children’s Crusade marched in France. The first permanent photograph was still half a century away!

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV, reduced for web size/quality in Gimp.


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