Beyond the Track

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I leave the road behind me. Sounds of society fog away as I venture deeper into the bush. Birds watch as I walk by, both of us minding our own business. The water is still. The bush is green. Beyond the Track.

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Three Garden Shots

_DSC8792 copy

Giving my camera a quick check over,and taking a shot of the Violele, I took a few shots of the neglected lawn and garden now Spring is here. Nice and green!

_DSC8790 copy _DSC8791 copy

Long Drive In

LDI1Life has been busy.

Photography has been sitting on the back burner as jobs need to be done both at home, and intensity at work increases.

Aside from a long day at work, it was a refreshing brake to head down to the Waikato again yesterday. Heading out at 6am, beating the sun to clock in, it was another typical fresh and beautiful sunrise that the Waikato region so often offers.

LDI2Traffic at this time of the morning is typically light. One is not alone on the roads, but still granted enough sightseeing room to enjoy rather than regret the journey.


I snap away as I coast along. Arm outstretched to windows either side of the car. If only I had time to stop at every picturesque rolling hill and vast green field.

Maybe next time…

I’ll try not to be so long before posting again this time!



Early Market Journey


An early (for a Sunday) 7am journey took us 160km south to the Cambridge street market. The journey down, as usual, was very scenic with a foggy start, and clearing to  beautiful fresh morning.

market2 market4 markey3

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