Fenced in Forrest

An old 35mm from the archives (cropped and post edited). I remember taking this image and being amused (and worried) about the trespassers warning sign. When you go close up, it looks like the trespasser is being shot… I decided not to venture further into the ‘Fenced in Forrest’.

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People of the Tower

Another image from the archives. I took this when on my visit to Singapore. One of the temples, the roof with this amazing detailing could be seen from streets away. Originally in color 35mm, I did some post sharpening and switched it over to B&W. Taken on the Minolta Dynax 700si. Thats all for today!

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The Green Lagoon

So its really more a pond then a lagoon, I think. Ive been battling a bit of a cold these last few days, today being the worst of it so far. I spent all the day inside, and when I was feeling up ‘enough’ to go for a stroll with the camera it started raining […]

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