Santa in the City

Santa on QueenAn early Sunday morning wander (actually, a slow limp as I’ve hurt my back) through Aucklands CBD, Queen Street, featured a familiar face. Old Farmers Santa. A bit of old iconic legend in Auckland, this 20metre tall, 4500+kg jolly man is now 53 years old!

I recall his pre-facelift years where he had a summoning finger and winking eye – characteristics which brought about the title of being the worlds creepiest santa last decade (the size and design reminds me of Stay Puft from Ghostbusters) . Since his ‘facelift’ in 2009, his finger no longer moves, and his eyes stay wide open. A bit of a shame, but equally, probably for the best.

I don’t recall the reindeer in earlier years. Imagine the warehouse needed to store this lot when christmas is over!



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