Silo Vintage Market and Car Meet



Armed with my Ricoh GRD, We had a quick look around the Silo Vintage Market and Classic Car meet this afternoon. Lots of retro themed stores, classic music, tons of people in vintage attire, and some old cars. A nice little visit.

Here are some more snaps from my walkabout

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Santa in the City

Santa on QueenAn early Sunday morning wander (actually, a slow limp as I’ve hurt my back) through Aucklands CBD, Queen Street, featured a familiar face. Old Farmers Santa. A bit of old iconic legend in Auckland, this 20metre tall, 4500+kg jolly man is now 53 years old!

I recall his pre-facelift years where he had a summoning finger and winking eye – characteristics which brought about the title of being the worlds creepiest santa last decade (the size and design reminds me of Stay Puft from Ghostbusters) . Since his ‘facelift’ in 2009, his finger no longer moves, and his eyes stay wide open. A bit of a shame, but equally, probably for the best.

I don’t recall the reindeer in earlier years. Imagine the warehouse needed to store this lot when christmas is over!


View From Above


Ive been meaning to try out the android web posting on wordpress for some time now, so decided to share a mobile snap I caught a few weeks ago during work. Taken from the 27th floor from one of the buildings on Aucklands waterfront, it was a beautuful sunny day. Unfortunately being there early morning the glare from the sun didnt allow an angle where my reflection could not be seen, but not to worry. Everything was so small looking down upon the city. Perspective changes everything!
Taken on ghe samsung galaxy II.

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