A Clear Cool Stroll

Walk1As the rain falls down heavily today, I have a sort through some images shot yesterday. Typically usual of New Zealand this time of year, yesterday was fine and sunny (but chilly in the shade and quite windy), today is bucketing down.

Images shot between Mission Bay and Saint Helliers, two seaside suburbs just out from Aucklands CBD.

Walk2 Walk3 Walk4 walk5


The Giveaway

_DSC8293Its been a long weekend here in Auckland New Zealand with the celebration of ‘Auckland Anniversary’. In good form the weather has been fantastic, and I managed to get out several times and shoot some images. One such outing,I was invited to a local car dealership to take some social images of their big car giveaway. Here are a few of the shots I personally liked from the bunch as I meandered through the crowds that attended.

_DSC8158 _DSC8160 _DSC8167 _DSC8171 _DSC8181 _DSC8224 _DSC8228 _DSC8261 2 _DSC8278 _DSC8301



View from Paritutu Rock

vfa1The previous time we headed to New Plymouth, I made it half way up Paritutu Rock. Equipped with jandals (flip flops to some) and poor choice of climbing clothes I didn’t feel safe enough to navigate the raw rock and chain rope up to the summit. This time, aside from some fatigue of getting to the rock from the other end of the city, I ventured to the top and too some shots.

As well as my Sony, I had an old disposable camera that had been sitting in a drawer. I used that to document my travels along the coastal walkway – when I get that developed I will share some scans.

vfa2 vfa3 vfa4 vfa5 vfa6


Art in the Dark

_DSC7793Last weekend within Auckland’s CDB I took a stroll through the ‘Art in the Dark’ light festival.

Internets been down for a week, but now its back, time to share a few images.

_DSC7792 _DSC7802 _DSC7811 _DSC7815 _DSC7825 _DSC7829 _DSC7830 _DSC7841 _DSC7843 _DSC7849 _DSC7852 _DSC7901 _DSC7902 _DSC7903


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