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My beautiful pictureI recently gave a friend a 35mm SLR to give him the ability to play a bit with film, as well as a method to learn the basics of the aperture, shutter speed and film type. All of these things can of course be done on DSLR’s today. The one difference being you still have the option to click something onto auto, or to take 1000 shots and delete them at the push of a button if none worked out. I think there is still value in learning on film – learning to slow down, think about the scene, adjust the settings guided by the light meter to get the exposure you need. Doing all this on a limited number of frames adds just that little bit of added pressure.

Over the weekend, we went for a ‘mini shoot’ around Auckland. Mostly centred at the Winter Gardens in the Auckland Domain.

For the next few days I’ll share some of my images I caught.