Franklin Road, Christmas Eve

Franklin Road

The forecast weather bomb did not arrive yesterday evening as predicted and I managed to get over to town and walk the Franklin Road Christmas lights show. Celebrating its 20th year now, every Christmas a large number of the residents of this inner city area deck out their houses with a vast array of lights, models and even choreographed music at times! The crowds are generally very busy for the week its on – last night being no exception. Whilst driving up and down is an option, its much quicker to park the car and walk it as traffic is at a standstill – and then if you do manage to get your car on the road, you cant stop to look at houses at your leisure.

I only had my Jupiter-8 with me on my Sony (well, and my phone – but they are not so great for night shots), and found the 75mm equivalent quite tight framing wise with the crowds of people. I think today’s chosen shot was a nice balance of showing the colours of the lights, with the mass of people walking up and down. Hand-held (as usual) I was shooting at 3200iso and 1/50th sec.

Editing wise, in Gimp, I adjusted the levels and colour balance a little, sharpened a notch and resized.

Today of course also marks Christmas Eve! – I think as a child, I always found the 24th to be more exciting than the 25th! – I have fond memories of looking under the lit up Christmas tree at presents and looking forward to the whole extended family coming around the next day. My parents had a fake tree (which will please some and not others) that they still use to this day. <y mother has a blow up Santa from when she was young (although he needs an air top-up a little more now days). Now, with my childhood well behind me, its still an exciting time to head back to the family home and see all the family together. The odd present does not hurt either!

And whilst getting excited and celebrating, I also pay a thought to those for whom this is not the best time of the year. People in hardship or alone can really find this a difficult time.  Although not for everyone, it is great to see various community groups putting on events on Christmas day where people can get a nice meal, be around others and have some cheer spread.

Right, time to put out the cookies and milk…


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