Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

It seems like an age since I have had a chance to head out with my Nex. In reality its not that long, but I have been pretty busy and using the camera on me – my mobile (Galaxy S2). Today I found some time and went out for a bike ride with the Sony and 210mm lens in hand.

The terrible cyclone that hit Fiji earlier in the week is due to hit New Zealand tonight (at a diminished power) and bring us rain for Christmas. When I headed out on my bike it was a lightly overcast sky. When I got home it had darkened up a sum.

Looking out to sea from the cliff top, I captured an image of a container ship leaving our waters, likely heading into the bad weather.

Using Gimp in post processing I pushed the contrast up a notch or two, desaturated all but the boat, added a light vignette and then added some ‘film grain’ before resizing.

All going well, I will head over to town this evening to look at the Franklin Street lights – possibly tomorrows Christmas Eve image!


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