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A big long day – Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

Today’s image is of one of the tree-top Angels from the family home tree. Still the same old tree I had when young!

In keeping it short for the day, image was shot on the Ricoh GRD IV and edited in Photoshop CS5. Its been quite some time since I used Photoshop – I have been using Gimp as my main PC editor for some time now…the Photoshop layout and menu was all backwards (If you use Photoshop, just swap the editor names around and it will make more sense to you). I am by no means criticizing it – at the end of the day its the better of the two…just not my usual or chosen editor.

The bad weather is starting to arrive, albeit not as bad as forecast. We will see what tomorrow brings!

Hope your Christmas has gone well!