Old Golf Course

I finally got around to developing my film I took at the beginning of the month on my Rollei 35T. Its the first film I have developed myself in quite some time, so I was eager to see how it went (also because I had not tested the Rollei 35’s light meter). From loading the […]

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Boat in the Bay

I woke up early this morning. After the noisy people at the bar below our venue last night, the cleaners proved to be just as loud come sunrise. As we were checking out mid morning I wanted to explore a bit more of Gulf Harbour anyway. I wandered my way through the side streets as […]

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Sheep in the Park

Today we took a trip through the Shakespear Regional Park, ~40min north of Auckland. Mid morning the sheep were already up and busy eating the hills of grass. With Ricoh in hand, and its 28mm lens, I got as close as I could to the sheep before they started to run away. I love the […]

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Abandoned Ute

Out on the road writing from a motel today. Today we went up for brunch at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe – a great place to stop for a meal & band, or on the way to Goat Island, about an hour north of Auckland. Whilst walking up a viewpoint track I spotted a ute abandoned […]

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