Boat in the Bay

I woke up early this morning. After the noisy people at the bar below our venue last night, the cleaners proved to be just as loud come sunrise. As we were checking out mid morning I wanted to explore a bit more of Gulf Harbour anyway. I wandered my way through the side streets as the sun slowly arose, admiring some amazingly big houses. Being Gulf Harbour is full of boats and launches of all types, it was not overly surprising there was $$ in this area.

Eventually I ended up on a cliff top looking out to the sea. A beautifully calm day. Here I caught todays shot of a sailboat drifting just off the bay. Aside from the birds (and the cleaner back at the motel) it was dead silent. A great peaceful walk with an amazing view.

Taken on the Ricoh in bleach mode, post cropped in Gimp 2.8.


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