Sheep in the Park

Today we took a trip through the Shakespear Regional Park, ~40min north of Auckland. Mid morning the sheep were already up and busy eating the hills of grass. With Ricoh in hand, and its 28mm lens, I got as close as I could to the sheep before they started to run away. I love the wide angle of the Ricoh, but its not always easy getting up and close to things like sheep who chew, stare then run. Just visible in the background is Rangitoto Island – Also in last months ‘Friday Unwind’, what makes Rangitoto interesting is that is essentially the same shape from anywhere on the mainland. Ill post an image of that sometime in the future. I also took a long wander along the Gulf Harbour Marina and got a few snaps I will likely share in the next few days also.

Taken on the GRD IV, in bleach mode, cropped in post with Gimp and black surround added.


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