Queens Birthday Monday (New Zealand)


Today was a public holiday in New Zealand – Queens Birthday. A bit of a cold and cloudy day – marking Winter for us, we took a stroll into town where the wharf had some celebrations on. Walking there I pass the old Kestrel (one of the oldest ferry’s still floating in Auckland – that used to serve the seaside community of Devonport up to about 15 years ago). We then walked along the waterfront, past some of the bigger sailboats in the area. Not much happening,but the water was nice and calm.


Reaching the wharf, we were first welcomed by various car displays, and then some interesting old British bikes.

_DSC7449 _DSC7456

Check out the ‘fire bike’

_DSC7451 _DSC7452 _DSC7453 _DSC7454

Inside, some morris dancers.


Happy NZ Queens Birthday!




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