Walking Chiang Mai

CM walk

Ive sort of thrown together a handful of images from my walking around Chiang Mai today. Not much flow between each of them sorry.

One thing I noticed more in Chiang Mai more than other areas of Thailand was the uneven pathways (if there was a pathway). It appears that each shop has ownership, or is responsible for their bit of pathway to the road. So many areas on my walk had uneven sections, stepping up and down between businesses. Some concrete, some tiled…a few rubbly dirt. Its more of a interesting (or uninteresting) observation than a criticism – unless your in a country where the business might get in trouble if you fell!

CM walk 1 CM walk 2

I often head out fairly early morning when out on walking treks. In Thailand I learnt that means many shops are still closed. With the night markets, and general heat in the day, so many people do their business in the evening. Heading out early morning, things are not yet open and going. That being said – there is still plenty happening.

CM walk 3 CM walk 4 CM walk 5

There was a bit of working going on in the river/open drain (once was river?). A little amusing to see this weighty digger using a log on the back section to prop it up.

Some more from the Northern region tomorrow!


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