Archaeology – Home Edition

Archaelology at HomeWhen we moved into our house earlier in the year, the second driveway had a middle bit covered in pebbles. I had a suspicion of its use when originally laid, probably sometime in the 1970’s.

Side tracked, I decided today to see how deep the pebbles went. Turns out they were only a few inches at best, and under that larger stones and rubble.

Reminiscent of a child digging a hole for the heck of it, I spent the rest of the day excavating this long buried construction.

For those who don’t have a clue what it may be, its a car pit. Being one who had grown up working on cars, I was stoked to  find it.

Now I just need to find something to do with all the rocks, and construct a lid (its about 5 foot deep)!


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  1. Reminded me of the car pit in the old garage at my childhood home. I guess people changed their own oil (etc) in those days.

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