Musical Memories

My beautiful pictureI love how photos bring back memories. They don’t have to be good photos – just simple images that spark that memory buried deep inside the mind. Todays shot was taken years ago at one of NZ’s biggest music days of the year ‘Big Day Out’. I cant rightly remember the year, but it was some years ago. I was equipped with a cheap plastic point and shoot throwaway camera. My friends, central in the image were walking in a line towards the stage as I held back, lifted the plastic camera to my eye, and ‘click’.

Of course now mobile phones have taken the place of the throwaway cameras in most (but not all) circumstances. They will generally give a better finish than todays shot also – but as I opened, thats not the important part. Its the memory it holds when sorting through old photos.

The other thing it reminds me of is how film makes you wait for the shot. IN that disposable I had 36 shots at best. More likely 27. 27 photos to sum up a whole day at a music concert. I’ve done it since with film, but know digital has both a huge advantage in this respect, and equally has made us a little more lazy. If your not 100% about the shot, you just shoot it again. Likely you ‘chimp’ as soon as shot to make sure. But then again, thats the technology available to us now, so why not!

Shot on a throwaway, scanned film, colour slightly corrected in Gimp.



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