Beside the Bombay Hills


At the southernmost point of Auckland is the Bombay Hills. For Aucklander’s they signal one is leaving ‘town’ and heading into the country. For non-Aucklander’s, it signals they are approaching the big city. Whilst mostly tongue and cheek, there is a bit of a division between Auckland and some other areas of the country. Its widely said not to say you are from Auckland – in reality I have never had a bad experience from it, just some friendly jesting from one Kiwi to another.

A popular area for various crops, what I love about the Bombay Hills is the amazing view one can get when driving south. Different seasons give a completely different, but equally magnificent view. Today’s image was just to the left, along a small road.

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV(28mm) in bleach bi-pass mode, aside from resizing, I made no edits – its straight from the camera.

Not many days left in 2012 now!


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