Huntly, the River and the Power Station


On a trip to sell my car and visit some non-Auckland second hand shops, we passed through Huntly today. One of those ‘in between’ places, I have fond memories of Huntly from childhood as it was a common morning tea stop when we went away on family holidays.

Huntly is also home of the Huntly Power Station – a gas/coal station. Commissioned  in 1983, from what I understand, the power station is in its later phase of life with coal produced electricity not being the top choice for NZ. However, its likely we will still see it running for some time yet.

In the forefront of the photo is the Waikato river – New Zealand’s longest river at 425km in length – running down a good length of the North Island. The Waikato (a loose Maori translation Flowing Water) is also a supplier of about 8% of Auckland’s daily water needs.

Shot on my Ricoh GRD IV in bleach bi-pass mode, I only resized for the net.



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