The Street

As discussed yesterday, I managed to finish and develop the film in my Ricoh Singlex TLS last night. I had recently given it a clean up, so was keen to see if all was still functioning well. The slow speeds are still not quite right and will require me to give it a CLA at some stage, but as I cant use them hand-held anyway, its functioning well. A well used and rarer ‘black model’, introduced in 1967, my unit has some well worn paint and brassing. Compared to later model fully manual film SLR’s the TLS is a heavy beast at a bit over 700 grams.

Today’s image ‘The Street’ was taken last weekend when I was testing out the fisheye lens on my mobile phone camera. I got a series of different town shots in my short time there, this one being shot whilst I was quickly walking to my ride home.

Aside from scanning the negative and resizing in Gimp, I made no alterations. Shot on Lucky SHD100asa film, developed with Ilford ID-11 at a 1:3 ratio.


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