The Field of Onion Weed

A quick stroll on the way home across the ‘river’ (not sure if it is natural or not) by the Lake House Art Centre I went to a while ago took me along a field near the motorway, and covered in onion weed. I had tried to get there on my last visit, but it was so boggy (as in more than what I often tackle) I had to wait for a drier day.

It was still too wet to sit down, but the onion weed field really brought a nice sense of spring to the otherwise cloudy and windy afternoon. Getting down into the grass I snapped off a few shots on the Sony, and chose the above for today’s shot.

In Gimp, I played a little with levels, contrast and cloned out a tall building from nearby Takapuna.

I also managed to finish the film in my Ricoh TLS SLR camera and develop it tonight. A quick look before going into the drying cupboard suggest I should have a nice shot or two I can share, so watch this space!


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  1. I wouldn’t recommend it from a public source due to the risk of sprays, but if you have onion weed in your garden you can eat it. I’m surprised that hardly anyone eats onion weed considering how prolific it is.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I came across your recipe blog post on onion weed and found it fascinating (have never tried it myself). Will have to give it a go some time.

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