The Blind Computer

The Blind ComputerHe sits there, whirring, hard drive ticking away.
Powers running, fans are on, but somethings gone astray.
His face is missing, broken now, never to be fixed.
The mind is willing, body gone, time to rest me thinks.

The Flintstones Mobile

The Flintstones


Spotted in a playground, this wagon will either be very familiar, or not familiar at all to some of you out there. A creative remake of Fred Flintstones car, brought back childhood memories for me. To be fair, I was not around for the original 1960’s screenings of this pre Simpsons family, but TV here in NZ re-ran everything for many, many years. I expect it is still on one channel somewhere here.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 using the Vignette App. Post B&W conversion in Gimp.

Farewell Old Place

FarwellThe last week has been flat out for us, moving out of the old flat and moving into our new house. As was the issue a month or so ago, coming to the new home we are stuck without internet again…but now worries (for now) thanks to mobile technology!

Moving out of the old place is both exciting and a little sad, but mainly exciting!

Todays image, the old flat, shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and text added with CS5.


Devonport School Fair on the Hill

Devonport FairQuick Saturday Post.

Devonport School Fair on the Hill 2013. As with many school fairs, lots of entertainment, sales of second hand goods, games, competitions and sugar for the kids.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy with Vignette and finished in CS5 Photoshop.


Auckland Round The Bays 2013

Round the baysA bit of a montage for todays shot at Auckland Round the Bays fun run. All shot on the Samsung Galaxy s2 using the Vignette app, I combined in Gimp to show the beginning, middle and end of the 8.4km run that goes from Auckland’s CBD to St Heliers park.

As it has been most days, the weather was hot this morning! With a relatively late 9.30am start time, the sun was right up and beating down on the waiting crowd. with ~70,000 total runners, if one is not near the start line (as I was) when the race begins, you can take an additional quarter of an hour to just make it there. Weaving in and out of runners and walkers, it takes over half the race (unless you are fast) to feel like you have enough room to keep at a constant pace. Whilst some of these points potentially make it sound less than ‘fun’, Round the Bays is a great run, and all money goes to some great charities. All said and done, I’ll be back again next year, as I have been for several years running.




A quick mobile post for today. Monday being monday, things are flat out. Also we have had to disconnect the internet for 24hours whilst they continue to troubleshoot.

Today’s image ‘Stella’ is of a little visitor in at work one of my colleagues saved from darting in and out of traffic on our busy main road. Apparantly according to the lady who picked her up, it wasnt the first time.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 with vignette.



A quick post before the end of the day.

Shot on the Samsung s2, I hope to share some more tomorrow’ish.

Garbage rocked the Civic at Aucklands CBD. A great concert, many many years since they came to NZ.

An Audience at Albany


The internet has gone down at home today, so I will take the opportunity for another mobile post.

Whilst up in the old Albany village, we stopped in on the local ducks with a loaf of bread. Something I learnt new was that common ducks can swim quite well fully underwater. I have only seen them bobbing, bums up, until today.

Todays image is shot with the vignette app on my galaxy s2

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