Farewell Old Place

FarwellThe last week has been flat out for us, moving out of the old flat and moving into our new house. As was the issue a month or so ago, coming to the new home we are stuck without internet again…but now worries (for now) thanks to mobile technology!

Moving out of the old place is both exciting and a little sad, but mainly exciting!

Todays image, the old flat, shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and text added with CS5.



2 thoughts on “Farewell Old Place

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  1. Ahhhhhh!!! Goodbyes are so hard . I am excited for you embarking on a brand new adventure though! You must be happy. I live in south africa and i remember when i moved out of my place on the east coast to go live in Cape Town on the west coast. Sad, but gorgeous times await!!! I also have a samsung galaxy, photos come out great! Good luck with the move , and do visit my blog at http://tamikadoubell.com/2013/04/15/what-lies-beneath-shoot-with-sarah-part-1/

    1. Thanks, & thanks for visiting my blog. Its all very exciting. I’m one for always having a project or two on the go & am looking forward to additions to the garden, setting up my workshop and whatever else I can get my teeth into. Your blog looks great. Will revisit for a bit longer once I get proper internet up and running again (mobile internet fairly data limited for the cost here).

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