Concert Box Ukulele

A recent creation influenced by Sam Kamaka Jr’s 1940’s cigar box ukulele. Built from merbau side/neck/fretboard/bridge and pine braced marine laminate front and back, this is a concert scale length uke. Fretboard has a 9.25” radius, something I don’t usually add to my ukuleles. Finishing in linseed oil and beeswax gave the uke a nice […]

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Frankenstein’s Uke mark1.5

I featured this creation a while back and have since made one big adjustment – a new home built neck. The old one certainly had a look about it, but was too wide at the top, making it hard to play. This new neck (along with quality strings) has made a world of difference. Crafted […]

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Frankenstein’s Ukulele

‘Just for fun’ I threw together a home designed and built Ukulele over the last few weekends. Influenced by cigar box uke’s and guitars, I took their essential design, but worked from scratch. The straight angled body and sound holes give it enough lack of beauty that its been named Frankenstein’s Ukulele – although to […]

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Learning the Jumping Flea

The Ukulele. We always had one in the house when I grew up. I never learnt to play it. I did learn other instruments, but the little Uke never tickled my fancy. More recently a few people from work expressed the desire to start up a social ukulele group. It sounded like a fun enough […]

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