Esquire Ukulele


Just a new build finished in time for the rain.


3 thoughts on “Esquire Ukulele

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  1. Hi mike
    I noticed that you didn’t put a truss rod in this build even though you used steel strings
    I am going to attempt to build one and was wondering if you would put a truss rod in if you built this again

    1. Hi Greg. I’ve found that the Uke scale length, especially up to large concert at the thickness I make are fine without. I do make my necks more chunky side, so if you make a slim neck a truss or just reinforcement rod would be an idea. That one has a new home now, but the neck was stable. Only other input is to use light gauge strings and get the string height as low to neck as possible as they are more sensitive to intonation issues on the steel strings I find. Good luck!

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