Flowers in my Garden

It wasn’t that long ago in life that I had zero interest in gardening. My family had always had large gardens full of fruit, veg, and flowers. I’m sure as a small child I would have helped here and there, and do recall planting the odd tree, but I guess once ‘teenagedom’ hit, the appeal […]

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Out to Sea

A busy day today, so one from recent archives. Shot at one of our local beaches on the Sony Nex and Sigma 30mm lens. In Gimp I adjusted the colour levels and added simulated film grain. Tomorrow afternoon work has a bit of a team afternoon/outing, so all going well I will have something to […]

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Sundown Wednesday

Shot on my Sony Nex with the Sigma 30mm lens, Sundown Wednesday is a view from the Bayswater Marina to the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I am coming to the slow acceptance that Christmas is just around the corner now. One of my work colleagues has put their tree up, some of the local Christmas Tree […]

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It’s Emily Again

Over the weekend we were visited by our friend Emily, for an impromptu BBQ. Whilst waiting for the food to cook I took a few snaps with my 5N and the Sigma lens. Although the focus wasn’t crystal sharp on today chosen image, it was one of my favourites simply for the day-dreamy though in […]

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The Colour Lavender

Dropping in to see some family after work today, I caught a quick snap of the lavender in full bloom. Using Gimp in post processing, I desaturated several colours, slightly adjusted levels and added a little sharpness. Sort and sweet for today!

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Portrait of a Sheep

I managed to get out and about to several places with my camera today. First exploring some closed off cliff tracks, and then off to Cornwall Park for a around the base walk. Cornwall is full of cows and sheep (mostly sheep) and today’s image was of one sheep who came up to me to […]

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