Ricoh Singlex TLS

Ricoh TLS GardenJust before Christmas I did a large sell up of my cameras – 35mm film cameras. I was in two minds about it – on one hand, they were all different, unique and cool. On the other hand, I would never use some of them, and they deserved to be used rather than just shelved. I think a number of my SLR’s went to new photography students for school this year – which is great! On top of that, for SLR’s, I also tended towards 50mm prime lenses…how many does one really need? (I guess it depends who you ask).

Without a doubt, I get waves of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, better known as GAS when it comes to cameras. On the positive side, I’ve generally reeled it in to be with old film cameras rather than pocket draining digitals! Selling on I generally break even, so perhaps its just part of the photography way of being for me.

One camera that I didn’t put on the chopping block however was my Ricoh Singlex TLS. My favourite 35mm SLR, the TLS was made in the late 60’s. Featuring a metal and brass construction, this baby weighs in at over 700gm for the body alone! – perhaps just as good for self protection as taking photos!. Joined with its 1.7 50mm Rikenon lens, it captures some beautiful images. Although old, the light meter works precisely (although ideally it ran on the now unavailable 625 mercury batteries), and it rarely gives me a poor exposure measure. Finished in the rarer (I’ve read) black, the years have taken a toll on the TLS – a lot of brassing and the odd minor ding. It all adds to the character. Unlike many film cameras I have had, this one feels really solid and built to last – or at the very least, restorable if it does eventually collapse. Its one of my few remaining 35mm units!

Which brings me onto my last bit…not GAS, but almost. After selling a whole bunch of cameras to ‘minimalise’, I went off and purchased another camera. Have not picked it up yet, but its a Minolta Hi-matic 7s. Similar heft to the TLS, I recall my parents having one (or a 7) of these rangefinders when I was young. Will it replace the TLS?…I ahve room for both I think.

to be continued some time in the future…


Written in Sandstone

sand taggingOver the weekend I featured a photo showing the eroding sandstone type cliffs that feature all over Auckland’s North Shore. Another man made version of erosion to these is the tagging or carving of ones names into the walls. Not quite marked forever, but marked for a good enough while (well, thats a meaningless assumption really).

Shot on the Sony Nex and 30mm Sigma.


Last Hour of Light

Last hour of light


“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are there cannot be one without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel I remember wondering to be always together yet forever apart?”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Friday! – time to explore the weekend

Explore the Weekend

One from the archives today as I have a dinner to attend straight after work.

Friday. For many of us (and equally not for many) it marks the end of the working week. Time to kick off the shoes, relax, or perhaps explore new pleases and meet new people. Today’s shot gives me a sense of both. I don’t recall exactly where it was shot , but was shot again on the Nex with the 30mm Sigma lens. In post, I added a cross processed filter with aqua hue, some faint ‘digital grain’ and the old instant snap type boarder.

Not quite sure where the weekend is taking us this week, but I will just assume this image is a precursor and enjoy the end of the working week!

Construct Zone

Construct zone

I am generally one of those people who get a sense of relaxation and re-energizing from nature. Walking through the forest or bush, or along the beach the air feels cleaner, we have less (not none) forms of modern technology buzzing around us. Its a unloaded simpler feeling.

However, I also enjoy exploring ‘things in change’ – areas under construction (as well as areas returning to nature). Sundays walk took me to a new development area in Long Bay – the northern point of the North Shore. Here open fields and scrub has made way for carefully planned and measured sections for residential use. There is one road in/out with a monolith of a structure announcing you have entered this likely prestigious area. Today’s image was taken at the edge of this boundary, just before entering the area. For me, the title Construct Zone both signifies an area in change, literally being constructed, but also the mental symbolics of construct being the putting together of planning and theory to create a new suburb and the people within it.

Shot on the Sony Nex with the Sigma 30mm lens, I only slightly adjusted the levels before resizing to publish.

I’m also working my way through the 35mm film I took to the music festival yesterday. I initially thought I had a 24/27 shot film, but it must be a 36, so not too much longer until I can develop!

Flowers in my Garden


It wasn’t that long ago in life that I had zero interest in gardening. My family had always had large gardens full of fruit, veg, and flowers. I’m sure as a small child I would have helped here and there, and do recall planting the odd tree, but I guess once ‘teenagedom’ hit, the appeal of gardens also wained somewhat.  Now, years later, I am by no means any form of botanist, but do strangely enjoy the odd potter in the garden.

Our current residence was fairly bare when we shifted in, and determined to do something with it I built a range of planters and boxes for mostly vegetables, but also some small fruit trees and flowers. This summer has been pretty nice to date (excluding today’s intermittent  dark clouds and strong winds), and the whole garden has taken off amazingly.

Coming home from work, the light was quite nice to get the full colour of the flowers in our back garden, so I put on the Sigma 30mm onto the Nex and took a few shots, the above being today’s pick.

In post processing I adjusted the levels a little, slightly pushed the sharpness and cropped.

As we approach the weekend, it looks like I will be off to see a group playing music somewhere. All going well I’ll take along my camera and see if I can capture any band shots. Still Friday to go yet!

Out to Sea

A busy day today, so one from recent archives. Shot at one of our local beaches on the Sony Nex and Sigma 30mm lens.

In Gimp I adjusted the colour levels and added simulated film grain.

Tomorrow afternoon work has a bit of a team afternoon/outing, so all going well I will have something to show a little different than usual…all going well.

Sundown Wednesday

Shot on my Sony Nex with the Sigma 30mm lens, Sundown Wednesday is a view from the Bayswater Marina to the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

I am coming to the slow acceptance that Christmas is just around the corner now. One of my work colleagues has put their tree up, some of the local Christmas Tree sales spots are advertising, and the Malls have their Christmas shops opening. This weekend we have the Santa Parade in our local village (as do a number of others). That also means its nearly holiday time!

Image wise, in Gimp I resized and added the black framing, nothing else was edited.

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