Beach Migration

New Zealand, being fairly isolated on a country scale, has a vast history of migrating. The indigenous group of New Zealand, The Maori have legends of the great Waka that brought them to New Zealand from Hawaiki. Some time later the European discoverers came to the South Seas of the Pacific – Abel Tasman,and most notably Captain […]

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Lion Rock, Piha

For visitors to Piha, the most memorable, or at least recognisable part of the area is the famous Lion Rock. a 16 million year old piece of volcanic neck standing ~101 metres high. It got its name from the shape of a sitting lion when viewed from the south of the beach (left in the […]

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Welcoming the New Year

After limited sleep following the midnight welcoming of 2013, today welcomed a hot sunny and beautiful day to Auckland. With many of the shops closed for the public holiday (sadly not all for the retail and essentials workers) masses went to the beaches for a near perfect midday high tide. Being New Zealand’s largest city, […]

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Mt Eden and the City

Finishing work in town this evening, with traffic on the motorways already banked up, I took a quick trip to see the view from Mt Eden. As I may have mentioned before, Auckland is surrounded by volcanic cones (around 50 volcanic cones) – Mt Eden’s being in the foreground of this image. Although popular for […]

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Stairing up a Kauri

Today was jam packed with car and motorbike repairs. No exactly as enjoyable as heading out to take some shots, but more essential at this point in time. ‘Stairing up a Kauri’ is another shot from Fridays trip. This particular tree in question is ‘The McKinney Kauri’. At an estimated 800 years old, its about […]

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