Auckland Round The Bays 2013

A bit of a montage for todays shot at Auckland Round the Bays fun run. All shot on the Samsung Galaxy s2 using the Vignette app, I combined in Gimp to show the beginning, middle and end of the 8.4km run that goes from Auckland’s CBD to St Heliers park. As it has been most […]

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Devonport, the mobile polaroid

Out and about in Devonport today, I played around with the Vignette app on my mobile. Vignette has had a number of updates in recent months – mostly fixes, but also extra bits and pieces, so I thought it was time to give it another run. As I have mentioned before, my favorite android camera […]

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Planes of Past

A mobile post for today. As part of a team day with work, we visited Motat 2 – the aeroplane and train museum. For most of the afternoon I used my Sony, of which I will post some images in the next few days. For this shot however I used my samsung galaxy s2. The […]

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Macro Daisy – Pro HDR

Searching the App store for interesting photo apps I came across ‘Pro HDR Camera’. Unlike a lot of mobile apps, Pro HDR does actually capture three seperate exposures to form a genuine HDR image. Although I must confess I dont do much HDR at all, there is a lot of great photog’s out there who […]

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The Dinner

Some terrible weather had here today. I had intended to head out with the GR1 and get some film shots in town, but heavy rain and wind prevented a successful outing. The day otherwise filled up with catching up with friends, I played around a little more with Paper Camera on my Samsung Galaxy s2 […]

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Whilst looking for some android workplace tools for work today, I came across a review for a camera app called Paper Camera. Intrigued by the description, and always interested in different camera apps I jumped all in and downloaded the pay version. I’m aware for some photographers out there, anything other than the RAW image […]

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