Devonport, the mobile polaroid

Waterfront polaroid

Out and about in Devonport today, I played around with the Vignette app on my mobile. Vignette has had a number of updates in recent months – mostly fixes, but also extra bits and pieces, so I thought it was time to give it another run.

As I have mentioned before, my favorite android camera app is Afterfocus. However, I have had Vignette since its early days and have always loaded it on various devices I own – so its right up there also. In many ways Vignette was the Android version of Instagram – before it finally came to Android. It potentially offers more creative filter options now, and for me, I like it more because it is not so integrated into the social media side of things (especially with recent change scare for Instagram users that was quickly withdrawn). This being said, Instagram is a great app – just different strokes for different folks!

As can be seen in today’s posting, I was playing around with the Polaroid type option within Vignette. As well as the ‘Polaroid frame’, one can alter multiple sizes, colors and film types.

The writing was added later in Photoshop CS5 – I like the idea of replicating a snap from a Polaroid and then writing the where and when on it – I would love if Vignette looked to add this into their already great app!

Image wise, as in the title, I captured this down by the waterfront in Devonport. Below the walkway, between beaches are volcanic rock shores. Whilst being a beautiful day, it was very windy & I attempted to keep my feet dry whilst stepping up to the water trying to catch some wave action!

incidentally (well, sort of), I noticed Polaroid has started marketing a new ‘Instant Digital Camera‘ that offers both saving to SD and close to instant printing with its ZINK technology. Reading a few reviews and looking at images, I quite like it, and that Polaroid has seen what they can do to come into the current digital age. That being said, for the film and traditional Polaroid shooters amongst us, check out the impossible project. The Impossible Project is doing a great job keeping traditional Polaroid cameras alive. I intend to give them a go sometime…when I have some spending cash and find a old model Polaroid that is!


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