Concert Box Ukulele

A recent creation influenced by Sam Kamaka Jr’s 1940’s cigar box ukulele.

Built from merbau side/neck/fretboard/bridge and pine braced marine laminate front and back, this is a concert scale length uke. Fretboard has a 9.25” radius, something I don’t usually add to my ukuleles.

Finishing in linseed oil and beeswax gave the uke a nice dark aged look.

It’s reasonably thin bodied, but rings out nice as the strings settle in.

It’s been a while since I posted a project here. An alternative (if here for projects not photos) is to check out my YouTube channel as I have a bunch of historic and up coming project builds there also:

BD – The Action Story of an 8 Year Old (part 2)

We left off yesterday with BD being knocked out and placed in the truck of the Mean Mob. Its just not BD’s day!

I wont keep you in suspense any longer. The conclusion –

_DSC7152 _DSC7153 _DSC7154 _DSC7155 _DSC7156 _DSC7157 _DSC7158 _DSC7159The END!

Afterthoughts (as in decades later!)

1.Clearly as a child my spelling was worse than it is now. On the positive side, I can see that I produced the story all by myself, without any assistance from parents.
2.How typical an ending is that! – for flips sake, I didn’t even draw a final picture! I think a modern day adaptation might just have a little more content to it – you know, like the multiple endings Lord of the Rings had!
3.Did you notice BD had a mobile phone!?! – they weren’t overly mainstream when I wrote this – only big wigs and flashy car sales men had them at the time of writing this. No idea where I would have got the idea that BD would have one.
4.BD’s an unusual name. I suspect it was the initials of of of my friends turned around. Originality.

If nothing else, I hope thats given you a laugh, or wasted enough time before you needed to attend to something.
Back to actual Photos tomorrow!

BD – the Action Story of a 8 Year Old Mind

_DSC7142A bit of a diversion from my usual photos, I was doing a rather brutal clean up of old boxes that have not been touched for many years and came across a short story/film script (?) I must have written when I was approximately 8 years old.

Apologies for those of you who visit for images – today and tomorrow, although ‘technically’ photo’s, have been dedicated to telling this action packed (yet very flawed) story that will likely never otherwise be seen…(not necessarily a bad thing)

So without further ado, I present ‘BD’, a action story by the once young Michael Hawkey

_DSC7143 _DSC7144 _DSC7145 _DSC7146 _DSC7147 _DSC7148 _DSC7149 _DSC7150 _DSC7151

Exciting! time for a break with the heart stopping conclusion tomorrow!




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