Death of the Ants

I’m not much a fan of killing anything (possibly fleas excluded). At work, ants had decided to co-exist with us in the bathroom until this Friday when I walked in to see we had given them a gift they could not refuse.
Briefly taking a moment out of my day I glanced at them, with a compassionate look. They didn’t know they were drinking poison. They didn’t know their amazing and intricate city was about to be destroyed by sickness and death. What had they done to us? Just run around and gone about their days.
If you think about that for a moment, consider how small we are in the universe. Perhaps one day someone will give us splendid treats because we run around about our days (sadly history shows we have done that to our own before)
Now, if you have read to here, snap back out of the thought. It’s not one to linger on for long!


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