Railside 790


Anyone who follows me daily may have noticed I missed yesterday. After 790 consecutive daily posts, I missed a day! – thats about 2 years and 2 months.

When I first started posting, I didn’t even commit to a project 365, of which I had done in the post. I recall reaching a year and saying, ok, I’ve done a year. I might drop down to weekends, or a few times a week. Another year rolled by. thick and thin, sick and well, I arranged for my daily post.

Then yesterday, I was sick. And for once, I forgot to post.

In reality its not really any big deal. It does however mark the end of a mini blog era. Perhaps it gives me the opportunity to again review frequency, or at the least allow the opportunity to not post when I am sick.

Anyway, these photos were shot yesterday as a migraine began setting in.

Kingsland, Auckland.

railside 2 railside3 railside4


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