M.A.M.E Arcades I Built

Invader Cab-finished copy

More of documentation than appealing photography for today. Over the years, I’ve made a number of arcade machines, made ‘gameable’ using the MAME arcade emulating software.

Powered by fairly low power computers, they can run the classics from the 70’s-90’s. The above image (again, apologies for the quality) is of my final system I made, my Kong/Invader cab – based on original Donkey Kong plans, slimmed down due to my use of LCD rather than CRT, and influenced by Space Invaders in design. I have it playing all the classics, as well as emulating original NES, Sega and Atari consoles (still need to one day add Commodore 64). Im pretty pleased with it – build quality wise, its probably better than a lot of the original cabs.

Invader Cab unfinished side copy

Invader cab 70% finished.

first mini copy

First single player table top arcade I made.

first micro copy

First ‘Nano’ cab.

first full size copy

First full size cab I built – Aussie arcade style.

second mini (2player) copy

Second tabletop arcade (two player).

If I ever get around to making another, I really should try to take better build photos. If I do make one, it will probably need to be a coffee table style!


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